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Forbidden Thai Sticks #3, Third World Media DVD XXX
Product No.: 78153
Forbidden Thai Sticks #3, Third World Media DVD XXX

Forbidden Thai Sticks #3, Third World Media DVD XXX

Sonya is our lovely cover girl who takes no shit from guys. She ties her mans arms up and then goes to work licking, caressing and working his cock over. She is a gorgeous Ladyboy with long hair, pretty eyes, big tits and an eager appetite for man cock. She is tall and skinny, very stylish with zero evidence of being a boy, until she pulls down her tiny undies and out pops a small yet pudgy penis and uni-ball model sack. She keeps her shit clean; clean enough for her man friend to stuff in his mouth and deep down his throat. They test the elasticity of each others foreskin, before he does the same to her asshole as well. Her mid-section tightens while she strokes and he plugs away. Her ass starts to sweat as he prepares to dispatch a large batch all over her cock and nuts. She continues to whack away yet has a hard time coughing one up. 

Natti got herself a fatty. She offers her chubby Thai stick up for her new man friend today. She is hot with long dark hair, pretty dark eyes and thick juicy lips. She leaves her cock naturally hairy while her boobs are smaller implant models. She strips out of her maid costume, leaving just her fish net stockings on, as she hops his cock for a ride in the kitchen. Her ass sucks it all in, as her pudgy thing starts to flop and her long pubic hair starts to sway. The tip of her penis peeks from behind the thick foreskin curtains she is wearing, before he pulls out of her ass and cums large inside her breast cleavage. 

Gypsy is wearing a black and white sexy outfit with tiger skin underwear and bra on. She is tall with dark hair, dark eyes and long eyelashes. She is 100% lady, with the small exception of the meaty nut sack spilling from the edge of her panties. She strips out of her clothes, strokes her wang, massages her flat chest and prepares to work her boyfriend over. She licks his body over and unleashes his cock which she sucks on slowly. Her dong has a 3-4 day shadow of pubic hair growth, which does little to hide the series of warts spread between her butt crack and nut bag. She moans and groans just like a girl, as he stuffs her ass in a variety of positions before offloading one onto the tip of her tongue. This hungry Thai tiger licks it up and rubs the remainder into her little brown nip tips. 

Tata makes her way home with her date after a long night out in Bangkok. She ties his hands and legs to a chair and strips him naked. She pulls her purple dress up, exposing her hairless and rather chubby third member, along with her well rounded breasts. She peels his foreskin back and massages it with her ass crack. She swallows his wang and toys with it while staring into his eyes. He squeezes the lactate from her perky boobs, savoring every lick of her creamy Ladyboy milk. He sucks her cock and nearly devours her balls at the same time. They swallow up each others cock tips with the others foreskin, before she jumps on his rod for a ride. Her stiffie stands tall and proud as her ass hole gets crammed in several positions. She lays him out and spreads his wings, while testing the elasticity of his anus. He gets her again for one last lunge at her ass, as she disharges a semi-milky one on herself before he cream coats her still throbbing knob. They shower together to wash all the yuk away. 

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